Why Ripped Jeans Won’t be Fashionable This Year

In the past decade or so, ripped jeans have constantly been a trend for men, women, and kids. However, with the introduction of so many new pants styles, ripped jeans are slowly dying out from the scene. Additionally, looking for clothing may be difficult when unfamiliar with reliable clothing stores. However, reviewsbird.co.uk posts an expansive list of online customer reviews sharing their authentic experiences with retail companies such as Zavetti Clothing while describing the standard of each company’s products and services.

What Are Ripped Jeans?

Ripped jeans are like regular jeans that come in various styles that have frayed and worn like tears through the fabric. Generally, these tears are placed on the jean’s knee or the thigh. The idea behind ripped jeans is to loosen the tightly woven denim fabric to let the frayed ends hang loose. In addition, ripped jeans are often manufactured but can also be part of the DIY jean fashion, as most people like to call it. Ripped jeans are derived from the popular punk-rock 1970s style: distressed jeans. In those times, teenagers began to feel disoriented by the ordinary way society was dressing, so they decided to choose denim as a language for expressing themselves. As a result, punk rock bands began to wear ripped jeans and denim jackets while dressing them up with buttons and safety pins. Moreover, ripped jeans eventually integrated into the hippie and dissent culture.

Various Ripped Jeans Styles

Although it began in the punk-rock phase, ripped jeans became a grunge theme when the 1990s adopted the mantra. However, this trend moved on to the loose ripped style in the 2000s and led to skinny and mom jean styles. Depending on your choice of shirt, jacket, and shoes, you can go on your errands on your off day or lunch date and a birthday party. If you pair a leather jacket, skinny ripped jeans, and classic old skool vans, you can rock a casual spring day for errands. On the other hand, if you match a pair of ripped jeans with a blazer and some baroque lace-ups, you are fit for a birthday dinner.

Which Trends Are Replacing Ripped Jeans?

Denim is classic, and when styled according to trends, you can make a statement outfit that makes you stand out in the crowd. Ripped jeans are walking out, and classic denim jeans with distressed and loose fits are walking in. Firstly, the structured wide-leg jean without frays or rips is at the top of Gen Z’s favourite pick. Secondly, printed denim sets off a micro-trend in quirky styles perfect for spring. Next, the full-length and low-rise add an instant statement to your basic outfit. Furthermore, dark denim rinses allow millennials to look intelligent and comfortable while offering various clothing items to pair with.

Moreover, the pant trends replacing ripped jeans are the wide-legged pants that you can pair with an oversized blouse, coat, or blazer. In addition, sweatpants are only becoming more widely accepted as outerwear which you can pair with a cropped top and heels. Furthermore, the cut-out pants style takes from the basic low-rise jean by adding angles and definition to your outfit. Moreover, the pantsuit is a big hit with pleated trousers which you should only wear perfectly ironed or not at all.